How far ahead of time should I order?
We ask that orders be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. You may order a year in advance to guarantee a good price. Often we book a delivery time that may not be available for any additional orders. In general, the earlier, the better, thanks!!

How large is too large?
There is no sculpture too large for us to create!!  We have created several large scale projects.  From a team of clydesdales out of a ton of ice to a 15 foot tall by 25 foot wide company logo.
What if my event is outside?  Will the sculpture last?
We can not give a guarantee due to unpredictable weather conditions during our hot and humid summers.  We will, however, make every possible effort to ensure that your sculpture lasts as long as it can.
Can you put multiple colors in an ice sculpture?
We can "tint" the display tray light to reflect a color.  Each sculpture comes from a crystal clear block of ice that is carved into your sculpture.  It is possible to color the ice before the block is made but we do not recommend this because the colored ice is crumbly and inconsistent in quality. We can color most engraved sculpture if it requires snow filled letters or images.
How much do sculptures cost?
A single block carving cost $450 plus tax (Including sculpture, delivery, lighted tray and set up). If a second carving is purchased, there will be a 15% discount. Multi Block carvings are generally $600 and up. Full size Ice Bars cost $2500 plus tax. Please call (314) 821-1204 for other pricing.
Where do you deliver?
We service  the Metro St. Louis area. Our prices include delivery within a 25 mile radius from our shop in Kirkwood, Missouri. Our extended delivery charge is .95 cents per mile over 25 miles.  We have delivered scores of carvings as far as Columbia, Mo and as far as Carbondale, Illinois.  Nothing is impossible if the logistics work out.